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  • The Wireworld computer: the first ever computer implemented as a cellular automaton that you might reasonably want to write a program for. Includes program to calculate primes.
  • PICs in Space: the classic ‘Space Invaders’ game using a PIC16F628 plus just a couple of external passive components. Direct audio and video output to a SCART socket.
  • Logic Tutor: an educational toy that lets you quickly experiment with simple digital logic circuits. Creative Commons licence.
  • Goom: a polyphonic, polytimbral digital synthesiser with analogue-style knobs, implemented in a tiny microcontroller. Source code released under the GPL.
  • PIC Blitz: a tiny, low-power, ultra-low-cost device that plays lightning chess. Source code released under the GPL.
  • Splatts: a puzzle akin to the Soma Cube, based on tessellating truncated octahedra.
  • HD44780 LCD graphics: design graphics for character LCDs that use this popular controller. With large library of example patterns.

  • Linux/Windows crossword constructor: free (GPL) program to help you create and publish crosswords. With automatic and interactive fill, rules check, statistics, circular and hex grids, customisable answer treatments, non-Roman alphabets, multiplex lights; PostScript, SVG, PNG and HTML export. Also features batch mode for non-interactive grid filling and grid design space exploration.
  • Grid filler: free general constraint satisfaction program for word puzzles. Fills grids of any topology including Möbius strips and cubes.

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Qxw is a free (GPL) crossword construction program. New! Release 20200708 for both Linux and Windows. Non-Roman alphabets, batch mode, multiplex lights, answer treatments, circular and hex grids, jumbled entries, lots more besides. More...

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