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This is a simple break-out board for NXP LPC111x microcontrollers in 33-pin HVQFN33 packages. It should also work with LPC1342 and LPC1343 microcontrollers in the same package, but I have not tested this.

The board includes space for two 100 nF 0805 SMD decoupling capacitors, as well as for a through-hole HC49 crystal and its (also 0805 SMD) load capacitors if required. These are the only components that need to be close to the device.

All pins (except those for the crystal) are brought out to a pair of eight-by-two headers on a 0.1 inch (2.54 mm) pitch, suitable for plugging into a wide range of commercial prototyping boards with isolated pads. The spacing between the headers is such that it can also be used with this excellent prototyping board. The board is not designed for use with the kind of breadboard that has groups of five contacts wired together in rows.

The schematic is here and the Gerber files for the board are here.
These files are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

Connector pinouts

SV2 (left)
PIO1_0 16 15 PIO0_11
PIO1_2 14 13 PIO1_1
PIO1_4 12 11 PIO1_3
PIO3_2 10 9 PIO1_11
PIO1_6 8 7 PIO1_5
PIO2_0 6 5 PIO1_7
PIO0_1 4 3 PIO0_0
  SV1 (right)
PIO1_10 16 15 PIO0_10
PIO0_9 14 13 PIO0_8
PIO0_7 12 11 PIO0_6
PIO3_5 10 9 PIO3_4
PIO1_9 8 7 PIO0_5
PIO0_4 6 5 PIO0_3
PIO0_2 4 3 PIO1_8

I have a small number of spare unpopulated printed circuit boards like the one shown in the picture available in exchange for a donation to a charity as indicated in the bar to the right. Please get in touch if you are interested via the e-mail address on the home page. Note that the IC is a fine-pitch leadless device with a central ground pad on its underside and is difficult to solder successfully without suitable equipment; the whole board measures only 20 mm by 25 mm.

LPC111x break-out board
LPC111x break-out board

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