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Glorious Trinity by Quinapalus

The grid consists of two rows of five equal oblong areas labelled A-J as shown.

Answers are folded before entry. Letters up to the fold are entered in one direction (either forwards or backwards), remaining letters in the opposite direction. Letters running in opposite directions are alternated as necessary in the grid. For example, SCORED can appear as SCORED (fold at D), SCORDE (fold at E), SCDOER (at R), DSECRO (at O), DERSOC (at C), or any of these reversed. The letter after the fold (if any) appears between the fold letter and the letter before the fold. Definitions refer to the unfolded form, wordplay to the folded form.

Solvers should use a pencil until they have taken account of some oblique hints, and ensure, as matters unfold in the final step of this threefold revelation, that their names and addresses are visible on the completed entry. Considering vertical scores may help. Some squares may need to hold more than one letter or be left empty. Chambers Dictionary (2003) is recommended.

Solvers are welcome to submit their entries, but sadly there is no prize.



1 Subordinated rough tides, all the same (10)
8 Paints for face provided by copper (4)
13 Ums and ahs, tipsy with oriental booze (6)
14 Obscure low countries book about Gods (5)
15 Renounce European Union in verse (7)
17 Dark colours of bass in river (7)
18 Airline put bit of luggage in wing (4)
19 Present mostly broken and put in boxes (7)
21 They remove e.g. towers, reportedly (7)
23 Such as are set free with bit of gadgetry attached (7)
25 Hard chunk in Cretan retsina (5)
26 Note ace circling (celebrated) (5)
28 Latin food: it might go with pina colada (5)
30 Wet day ruined rambles (7)
32 Fiasco of poet laureate incarcerated (4)
33 Cavities navy found in the lava (5)
35 Sold dodgy American estates (5)
36 Bit of alum in robust water system (5)
39 Priest cut back expression of contempt (4)
40 Thirsty, het up - no time for bits of grape? (6)
44 Peninsula features two rivers, indeed (5)
46 It encloses elements of nefarious organisations - one in the east (6)
47 Bunting laid out in circle (4)
48 Rough cloth we spread for drying (5)
50 Drummer, soul of group (formal) (5)
53 Sends in axe to transform? (10)
54 Poor Mycenae exhibits with much space (5)
55 Scots permitted trap by inverted can (6)
56 Pass bread around, a source of energy (7)
57 Regular trimmings from toupée in box (4)
58 Mad ninja shot Baptist? (9, 2 words)


1 Services are shaking exorcist (8)
2 This one’s daughter aroused in Paris the spark of amour (4)
3 Message (not good) about street name (6)
4 Captivated by tunes? Negative (6)
5 Iceland’s interest rate increase (5)
6 Epistle that’s in recess in church (4)
7 A thousand dry old lakes (5)
8 Cutting one off, singling one out (8)
9 Shelter: one accommodated a mammal (5)
10 Black, luminance hidden by bushel (inverted)? Reveal source of light! (4)
11 Fixed line to remain in poem (6)
12 One into retro groove with rock score (8)
16 Lodged saint in poverty (6)
20 Agent on land (conditions attached) (4)
21 Man (Irish?) to dash after plough (6)
22 Harmonised education (not advanced) (6)
23 Philosopher, iffy character in Ghana (5)
24 Loads of Latin odes composed (6)
27 Very noisy when bomber hits ground (5)
29 Before noon, one’s first to get ready (5)
31 Favoured, chap makes covert overtures to girl: ‘come and see these’ (8)
34 Piece of cake consumed with boy (7, 2 words)
37 A cheque I raised for parties (5)
38 Anti-royal leaders quit, beat (7, 2 words)
41 King (old English) born disfigured (6)
42 Spenser’s elegant duke is not outside (5)
43 Pipes and rude viola with round corner (5)
45 Broadcaster is to be examined again (5)
49 Taunt upset judge that’s British (4)
50 ‘Bagatelle’ features descending notes (4)
51 Take in good city in Czech Republic (4)
52 Falsehood about nuclear force? (4)

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