Xtricate by Quinapalus

Each clue takes the form of a function of a single variable x. The number to be entered is that obtained when the answer to some other clue is substituted for x in the expression. Each answer is used exactly once in this way, and it is possible, by following a chain of clues, to reach any answer from any other answer.

No answer begins with a zero.



1 (x/6)!+8413
7 (x-23)/434
8 x2
9 x+1
11 log3x
12 3x1/2
14 (x/101-9)3
16 x/7-5
17 (x+177)/2
18 (4x+53)2


1 x-876
2 2x+21
3 x1/5
4 (x+1)3
5 4x-15
6 (x3 -1)/2-9377
10 3x
13 (log3(x-10))3
15 x+2
17 x/10

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