Notes on WAP services

How do I use the WAP services?

You will need a mobile ’phone that supports WAP. If you have a GPRS or 3G device, so much the better: it will work more quickly and will probably be cheaper (see below). The services should work anywhere in the world you can get a signal.

Enter your WAP browser and go to the relevant address. For example, for the word matcher, enter


For the Conundrum Game enter


and for the Numbers Game enter


You may wish to create bookmarks and then use them; it’ll probably save you some typing in the long run.

What does it cost?

This service is free: there are no charges beyond what you normally pay for data transfer.

A typical search, or one round of a game, involves the transfer of approximately one kilobyte of data. If your operator charges you GBP 4 per megabyte of data (as Orange UK pre-pay GPRS does), the cost should be well under 1 penny a time. Some tariffs include free data transfer.

’Phones which do not offer GPRS or 3G place a call to access a WAP page. Such calls are normally charged per minute: consult your operator for the rates that apply. Note that in this case the cost to you will be largely dependent on how fast you can type!

It doesn’t work

You need to ensure that your ’phone is correctly configured to support WAP. Most are supplied ready-configured; if in doubt, consult your operator. Some operators’ websites include a facility for configuring your ’phone remotely: you enter your number and they send you a text message with the configuration information which is then automatically loaded into your ’phone. Use a GPRS or 3G connection if you can. Note that a small number of operators, especially on pre-pay tariffs, try to restrict WAP browsing to their own sites. If this happens to you, you will need to find a way around the problem, which may involve entering an alternative gateway IP address.

On the Orange UK network, a suitable configuration (or ‘profile’) is:

Connect using: PAYG GPRS Wap
IP address:

Our WAP services are tested using a Nokia 6100 on the O2 network, a Nokia 6630 on the Vodafone network, and a Sony Ericsson T300 on the Orange network, all in the UK, although not every service has been tested on every device. Reports of satisfactory operation on other model/network combinations are welcomed; reports of problems are also welcomed, especially when accompanied by an offer of help in resolving them.

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