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Qxw screenshot 0
Barred grid under construction
Qxw screenshot 1
Automatic fill of irregular grid
Qxw screenshot 2
Automatic fill of Jumbo (27 by 27) grid
Qxw screenshot 3
Automatic fill of regular grid using specially-constructed dictionary
Qxw screenshot 4
Hex grid under construction
Qxw screenshot 5
Automatic fill of circular grid

More sample grids constructed and automatically filled using Qxw

Filled rectangular grid with merged cells Letters latent fill
Filled rectangular grid with merged cells ‘Letters latent’ fill: message from across answers is ‘BETTER A WITTY FOOL’
Beheaded answers Beheaded answers, result still a word
Beheaded answers: deleted heads spell out ‘OFF WITH HIS HEAD’ Beheaded answers with result of beheading still a word: deleted heads spell out ‘PIMENTO’
Numerical grid Grid containing a mixture of letters and digits
Numerical grid with each across light being a prime or the reverse of a prime, and each down light being a square or the reverse of a square Grid containing a mixture of letters and digits
Mobius grid Grid with perimeter quotation
Grid with topology of a Möbius strip Grid with perimeter quotation: start point and direction of quotation chosen by Qxw’s automatic filler
Toroidal grid
Toroidal grid
The Isle of Wight ‘Eightsome reels’ on a torus
The Isle of Wight ‘Eightsome reels’ (an eight-letter word can be read either clockwise or anticlockwise around each black square) on a toroidal grid
Fill with jumbles
Fill with jumbles

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Qxw screen
Qxw is a free (GPL) crossword construction program. Answer treatments, circular and hex grids, jumbled entries, more besides. Release 20140331 for both Linux and Windows. More...

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